Articles from August 2021

How to Install Vinyl Flooring in Singapore?

I’ve lived in many places around the world, on almost every continent but living in Singapore was one of the biggest challenges while it’s been an incredible experience. Singapore is a fascinating place although I had some domestic problems like the installation of materials and as I received a lot of material I had to install some and one of those materials was vinyl. As I had never installed vinyl on the floor before, I had to google it and found the site: .

On the website I learned step by step how to install vinyl on the floor of my house, and the first step would be to buy tools for the installation but I didn’t need to buy any tools as I had many of the necessary tools in my garage like measuring tape, penknife, adhesive and I only needed to buy a carpenter’s square and a carpenter’s roller, which was not so difficult because in Singapore numerous establishments sell construction materials and works, this is the advantage of living in such a developed place even though it is very small.The other step would be to check the thickness of my floor as the thicker the floor, the more resistant it is, and this would be ideal as part of the floor would be for my kitchen and I use it a lot because I am always at home working from home. office. One of the last steps would be to identify what would be the type of my floor and how to install it, the existing types are numbers and so it is necessary to identify to know how to install it. The main types of floor installation are: Floating, Full spread method, Peel and Stick method.After researching, I identified that my floor needed to be installed floating in which the planks and tiles have slots between them and that allows installation on existing floors.Finally, the last step is the installation step, which is separated into several steps starting with measuring the room using the measuring tape and adding a few centimeters to the dimensions is useful to know the amount of flooring needed, then smooth the subfloor to that sharp objects are eliminated so as not to wear out the floor, then apply cut to the vinyl floor and finally attach the floor to the adhesive. It may seem complicated but once it starts, it’s much easier to install.