Up Manila Health Colleges Return Service Agreement

RSA`s origins date back to the creation of the Philippine Medical School by the Commonwealth Act No. 1415, on December 1, 1905, to address the severe shortage of doctors in the country. However, at present, most university-educated health professionals have immigrated to other countries. The RSA program is the university`s response to meet the growing demands of health professionals who, in their respective specialties, serve the Filipino people. Hello! Hingi po sana ang friend ko ng help sa pag intindi po ng Return Service Agreement ng UP Manila. Sabi po dito: “In June 2011, UP Manila launched a return service program that requires students from its seven health schools to sign a contract that requires them to work in the Philippines for at least two years within five years of graduation.” UP Manila, in the district of Ermita, is the leading institution for health sciences with campuses expanding its school of health sciences in Luzon (Baler, Aurora), Visayas (Palo, Leyte) and Mindanao (Coronadal, South Cotabato). It offers 18 licensing programs on its 9-degree granting units. The agreement is signed by the clerk of UP Manila for the university and future students and parents, who are certified by the dean/director. Enrollment in the second diplomas, such. B that Master, MD, LIB or other programs, is not considered a return service. UP Diliman in Quezon City, with its extensive campus, offers an eclectic and dynamic learning atmosphere with more than 1,500 teachers and nearly 24,000 students. There are 67 bachelor`s degrees and 223 postgraduate studies at 26 colleges, centers and institutes, including 22 ched centres of excellence.

The supervisor should work preferably according to the role of the profession or health defined in three functions, not limited to direct service, education, training and research. The return service is preferably employment in public agencies/institutions, underserved cities/provinces, non-governmental organizations and cause-based organizations. Under the RSA, graduates are required to meet the minimum two-year deadline within five years, preferably depending on the roles and nature of their respective occupations and along the three main functions of the university, but not limited to teaching/training, research and direct service.