Maintenance Agreement In Deutsch

Boston Logan International Airport continues to rely on the expertise of Scheidt-Bachmann and has awarded an exclusive maintenance contract for the next five years to the parking space management systems specialists in Munich. The annual maintenance fee is 15% of the list price of purchased licenses (modules), with discounts for the purchase of several licenses also applicable to the maintenance contract. A check of the seller`s warranty obligation when registering the ticket is part of the new version of the ISI, as is a check of existing maintenance contracts and agreed service levels. 14.1. ANYDESK provides the customer with a support email address and a support telephone number, available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. for their services.

The hotline is used exclusively to assist the customer during the use of ANYDESK`s services to be provided under this contract. 11.2. The technical specifications, specifications and performance rules contained in public statements, particularly in advertising, are not a guarantee of quality. The functionality of the software is determined primarily by the content of each service specialty and possible endorsements. In other respects, the software must be adapted to the required use in this contract and be common, by other means, of the type of software of this type. For our CAPLAN customers, we offer a maintenance contract that includes regular software updates (at least once a year) and the provision of telephone support. With a maintenance contract, you can protect your investment, extend the life of your devices and be sure that all safety requirements are met at all times. 2.2. The following services are not included in the contractor`s contractual maintenance services: 2.1. Unless otherwise stated in the written offer, ANYDESK`s maintenance service includes the following services: 6.2.

While the ability to access personal data cannot be ruled out in the context of checks and maintenance work with automated processes or data processing devices, including remote access, ANYDESK uses access only to the extent that is strictly necessary, both in time and in content, for the proper performance of maintenance and control work. 5.3. ANYDESK informs the customer of cases of major operational disruptions, breaches of confidentiality rules, violations of the provisions of this Agreement and other significant irregularities related to the processing of customer data. However, the general obligation to check whether data processing is contrary to data protection rules is not within the purview of ANYDESK; If ANYDESK considers it to be the case, ANYDESK has the right to suspend the execution of the data processing until it is confirmed or modified by the customer. 12.1. ANYDESK is fully liable for any damage resulting from premeditation or gross negligence or lack of guaranteed material surface. ANYDESK is fully liable for any simple negligence in the event of personal injury or death. Moreover, ANYDESK is only liable for ordinary negligence where there is a breach of an obligation which is essential to the proper performance of the contract, whose violation jeopardizes the purpose of the agreement and which the client can avail himself of periodically (so-called cardinal duty). Responsibility for the breach of a cardinal duty is limited to the foreseeable damages that are typical of the nature of the contract. The same goes for the shortfall and the lack of savings. Liability for other distant subsequent damage caused by a defect is excluded.

1.2. Two copies of this agreement must be signed and sent to the following address: The fact that the existing communication system was obsolete and that the duration of expensive maintenance contracts was about to be completed has given way to Germany`s advanced technology – the innovaphone unified Communications solution.