A Broker Can Enter Into A Single Agency Agreement With Any Of The Following Except

2) Brokers are prohibited from other people`s funds with their own resources. Does the New York License Law consider that one of the following activities is appropriate and can only be authorized for licensed personnel? If the circumstances create a dual agency situation, the broker must fully inform all parties to the transaction of the change in the relationship of the parties with the broker because of the dual agency. A broker must obtain, after full disclosure, the agreement of all parties to these circumstances for residential real estate transactions, in the form shown below, which must be broken down into one person, to draw attention to: 4) If a taker has received a commission related to a transaction in which the licence fee has been infringed , this licensee could be held liable for up to ______times of the commission, in addition to the suspension or revocation of its licence. a) Show houses, apartments or other real estate. b) Submit approved offers and changes to the Multiple List Service (MLS). c) Write ads for a broker_s. d) authorization collecting information for comparative market analysis. 11) Can the action of brokers of different brokers who have an interview about the commission rates they charge clients be considered? 7) What type of agency would be most advantageous for a buyer? (a) brokerage agency b) buyers brokerage agency c) designated agency (d) consensual duale agency 6) the designated duale agency is an important alternative to the duale agency; Given that it can eliminate the potential conflict in a – what is a licensed real estate agent who works under the supervision of a real estate agent and who has been charged with representing a client if another client is also represented by such a real estate agent in the same transaction that is called? 3) A licensee is required to disclose all personal interests he has on a property if he is dealing with a client, under what fiduciary duty? 10) If the Agency`s relationship has been terminated, will the licensee no longer be considered principal_s representative and exempt the adjudicator power from obligations other than the following? 4) The power conferred on the broker as part of a special agency is described in the – which generally authorizes the broker to perform basic actions such as advertising and displaying the property. (a) sub-authority b) designated agency c) agency alternating d) non-agency (a) if the broker was actually aware of the breach.